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BC Coilovers

Corby Motorsport: BC Racing Coilovers

Suspension components are essential to achieving ultimate speed levels and quick circuit completion times. At Corby Motorsport we stock high quality BC Racing Coilovers, helping you achieve maximum tyre grip, essential for ensuring optimal performance when turning corners and breaking. We stock a variety of BC Racing Coilovers including components from the BR, RM and ER series. We pride ourselves on only stocking high quality components that allow you to indulge in the smoothest driving experience.

We Provide BC Racing Coilovers…

Our complete range of BC Racing Coilovers can help you achieve the maximum performance on a wide range of road surfaces. Our BR series is specifically designed for track and racing driving, whilst the ER series separates bump and rebound adjustments for tarmac racing. All of our BC Racing Coilovers offer a high quality finish, with each component being constructed from aluminium and alloy as well as being bead blasted. Our expert team can help you make the right decision for your individual needs. Our passion and knowledge of motorsport means we can provide you with information on all types of car racing, adjusting your vehicle appropriately. Motorsports are extremely fun, but best enjoyed alongside the peace of mind that comes from investing in sound equipment.

Why Do We Stock BC Racing Coilovers

Our range of high quality components can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, giving you a superior driving experience. Our 30 way damping adjuster gives you both rebound and compression, combining ease of use with efficiency. At Corby Motorsport, we know that you don’t want to stop enjoying motorsports, simply because the weather takes a turn for the worst. Our specialist equipment including BC Racing Coilovers offers excellent flexibility, tailored to suit your driving style and the weather conditions you will be driving in.
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