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Bilstein Suspension

Corby Motorsport is a premier supplier of high-end car parts including Bilstein Suspensions.

Since the beginning our passion has been motor racing and modifiying cars. We do things differently here and we like to go the extra mile at Corby Motorsport (pardon the pun), and as such we like to ensure that we stock only the finest parts. We ensure that we make the car owner part of the process, so in other words the customer is always consulted on the reason for their customisation – are they using the car on the road? On the track? Or drag racing? It could be anything.

Overall we like to ensure we offer the best possible solutions for our customers, this why Bilstein suspensions are one of the first things that we recommend to our customers.

We Provide Bilstein Suspensions…

In order to use our experience at Corby Motorsport, we must use all of our knowledge and passion to direct our customers on the right course of action. By providing parts such as Bilstein Suspensions our customers can rest easy knowing that we have only the best car parts available.

Over the years we have worked extensively on our customer service, our passion really comes through to our customers, because in simple terms, we love what we do. Our goal is to have every single one of our customers walk away from us with a smile on their face.

Our long-term association within the motorsport’s industry has meant that we’re able to ascertain what works and what doesn’t. This is why we stock Bilstein suspensions equipment, amongst other big names.

Why do We Stock Bilstein Suspensions?

We stock some of the most well-known brands in the motor sport and performance industry, these include Gaz Shocks, Bilstein and HiSpec. Being able to stock these items mean that our customers, who are fully expecting excellent quality, can be assured of only the best brands and can experience them for a fraction of the price. We are very picky about the Bilstein parts we supply, substandard products will simply not do at all.

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