Bilstein Suspension

Bilstein Suspension

At Corby Motorsport we specialise in supplying Bilstein dampers and coilovers and have had first hand experience of the Bilstein product range on various road and race cars over the years.

German based Bilstein have dominated the aftermarket suspension industry since its inception in 1954 (damper production starts here although Bilstein as a company has been in business since 1873!) mainly due to their design and development processes. Bilstein develop every suspension solution on actual cars and refine setting until they have optimised grip, traction, adjustability, spring rates and damper valving (this often takes place at the Nurburgring and in our own test centre at the Papenburg test track). Only then do Bilstein release the kit to the open market so you can be assured you are buying the best dampers or coilover kits on the market.

The Bilstein Suspension Range

  • Bilstein B6 Dampers – Uprated dampers
  • Bilstein B6 Dampers – Short body uprated Dampers (use with shorter springs)
  • Bilstein B12 Suspension Kits – Combined uprated damper and spring kits
  • Bilstein B14 Coilovers – Height adjustable coilover kits
  • Bilstein B16 Coilovers – Height and damping adjustable coilover kits
  • Bilstein Clubsport Coilovers – Track focused height and damping adjustable coilover kits

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