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Month: December 2015

Extended hours for exceptional service

When we founded our company a decade ago, the driving force was our passion for perfection in competitive automotive excellence. One thing we knew for sure was that a passion for motorsport shouldn’t have to be confined to standard 9-5 working hours. That’s why our dedicated team are available until 10pm every day, seven days a week, providing a convenient and flexible service to all our customers. Continue reading

The best air filter for your car

In the world of motorsport excellence, there are an elite few brand names which have become a byword for the product they make. We can certainly say that this is the case with BMC when it comes to air filters and air intake systems. If you were to look at the many different racers who recorded a podium finish during the 2015 Formula One series, you will find that all of them have one thing in common: their cars are fitted with BMC air filters. Continue reading

Reaching excellence in your exhaust system

In terms of affordable cars that allow for speed and customisation, Ford is very much the manufacturer of choice here in the UK. Most of their models, particularly the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta, roll off the production line and out of the factory with a great performance level incorporated as part of the design. The ability to customise, modify and adapt the vehicle to meet your specific needs is one of the main reasons why this brand is so highly regarded by motorsport enthusiasts. The exhaust pipe is usually one of the first and most effective customisations most owners make. Continue reading

The trusted stopping solution for Time Attack cars

In Time Attack events the race cars try to beat a clock rather than each other. Every car is timed through one circuit of the track with no other cars on the track at the time. The car goes around the circuit once, runs the timed lap and then finishes with a cool down lap. Time Attack bears similarities to time trial events but differs by rules and competition formats. Whereas Time Trial has open sessions Time Attack operates a limited number of laps. Continue reading

The value of adjustable suspension

KW Automotive is one of the biggest names in the suspension and coilover industry and manufactures some of the leading products on the market. They have built an amazing reputation by offering coilovers capable of delivering the maximum performance, whether the vehicle is used on roads or a track. Their knowledge of different surfaces and the demands of drivers have helped shape their products and make them a huge name. Continue reading