KW Automotive is one of the biggest names in the suspension and coilover industry and manufactures some of the leading products on the market. They have built an amazing reputation by offering coilovers capable of delivering the maximum performance, whether the vehicle is used on roads or a track. Their knowledge of different surfaces and the demands of drivers have helped shape their products and make them a huge name.

One of the biggest benefits of KW suspension is that they allow drivers to adjust the height of the vehicle so they have more control over the set-up. Raising and lowering the ride height changes the stance of the vehicle and can correct under or over-steering. This in turn will deliver better performance. The Variant 1 Coilovers are perfect if you want to do this.

Alongside the height, some of the other Variants allow people to adjust the dampening of the suspension. This gives you further control over the set-up so you can get the vehicle dialled in to suit the track or road layout. It also provides additional settings so you can minimise over or under-steering even further.

The Variant 3 Coilovers are very popular because they allow height and rebound/compression dampening to be adjusted separately. This gives drivers the ultimate control over the set-up and means they can adjust the characteristics of the vehicle very precisely. The benefit is the grip, cornering speed and performance can be adjusted to suit different tracks and fast road requirements.

The technology incorporated in the suspension offered by KW Automotive has been designed using the huge amount of knowledge and experience the company has gathered over the last twenty years. In that time they have become the market leader and developed a reputation for creating cutting edge products. The number of different racing formulas their products are used in are also a testament to how well regarded they are.

If you’re searching for suspension that will allow you to maximise the performance of your vehicle you should definitely be looking at KW Automotive’s amazing products. You can find a selection of them on the Corby Motorsport Website and order directly from us when you find the perfect product for your needs. We offer a wide range of items including KW Automotive products, BC Racing Coilovers and much more for all your motoring needs.