In Time Attack events the race cars try to beat a clock rather than each other. Every car is timed through one circuit of the track with no other cars on the track at the time. The car goes around the circuit once, runs the timed lap and then finishes with a cool down lap. Time Attack bears similarities to time trial events but differs by rules and competition formats. Whereas Time Trial has open sessions Time Attack operates a limited number of laps.

Time Attack events originated in the mid 1960s and are now popular around the globe. The race cars are required to start off under full rolling start conditions after a warm up lap. Each car needs to accelerate out as fast as possible to accurately determine how quickly they entered their time lap.

There are several forms of motorsports that make use of a rolling start such as stock car racing, sports car racing and many worldwide touring car championships. Formula sports do not utilise the rolling start for the beginning of a race due to the physics and technology behind the sport. When vehicles are too close to others in front of them for too long, there is a danger of engine problems and overheating.

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