In terms of affordable cars that allow for speed and customisation, Ford is very much the manufacturer of choice here in the UK. Most of their models, particularly the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta, roll off the production line and out of the factory with a great performance level incorporated as part of the design. The ability to customise, modify and adapt the vehicle to meet your specific needs is one of the main reasons why this brand is so highly regarded by motorsport enthusiasts. The exhaust pipe is usually one of the first and most effective customisations most owners make.

To those with little or no knowledge of motorsports, the idea that an exhaust pipe can make a difference to the performance of a car may seem strange. Many drivers see the exhaust pipe as simply a means of ensuring that engine fumes are safely directed away from passengers. While this is certainly an important function, there is much more that an exhaust system can bring to the performance of a car. The Scorpion exhaust brand is renowned for bringing the best of this to Ford cars.

Whilst the manufacturer installed exhaust meets an acceptable standard in terms of fuel consumption, for higher performance driving you need to have a system that enhances overall performance. The Scorpion exhaust is designed to allow the fastest flow of exhaust gases out and air flow through. With a faster escape for burned fuel and air, more fuel and air can be burned faster within the combustion chamber, giving you the benefit of extra speed.

Another benefit of the Scorpion exhaust is that it makes your car look great. It’s not enough for you to have your car at optimal performance levels; you also want it to look as magnificent as it drives. One of these exhausts lets people know just how serious you are about your passion for performance motoring.

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