In the world of motorsport excellence, there are an elite few brand names which have become a byword for the product they make. We can certainly say that this is the case with BMC when it comes to air filters and air intake systems. If you were to look at the many different racers who recorded a podium finish during the 2015 Formula One series, you will find that all of them have one thing in common: their cars are fitted with BMC air filters.

With that kind of performance record, it’s no wonder that so many drivers want the same product for their car. This applied whether they use their own vehicle for motorsport, or just because they wish to have the high performance standards of Formula One for their own car. We are at the forefront of bringing high quality products to car owners at competitive prices, and as part of our service, we can offer these air filters to you.

Although BMC air filters have always been available to motorists outside of professional racing, having them fitted and installed has not always been straightforward. In the past, many have sold the air filters with a warning that some extra fittings and fabrication work may be required to install it. In these cases, the cost and time involved often negated the benefits. We aim to be as supportive as possible towards our customers, so we provide all the fittings and work you need to have the BMC CDA installed in your car. There are no hidden or extra costs to worry about when you work with us.

The BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox has an unequalled record in delivering better performance, ensuring cooler, cleaner air can filter through the engine. To ensure that the performance is consistent across the brand, each one is track tested before it is made available for sale. This level of dedication is one of the reasons BMC are so highly regarded, and further confirmation that if you want the best, BMC is the only form of air filter you should have. You can find these brilliant filters in our online shop, along with KW suspension products, Gaz Coilovers and a host of other great products.