When we founded our company a decade ago, the driving force was our passion for perfection in competitive automotive excellence. One thing we knew for sure was that a passion for motorsport shouldn’t have to be confined to standard 9-5 working hours. That’s why our dedicated team are available until 10pm every day, seven days a week, providing a convenient and flexible service to all our customers.

In this day and age it’s quite normal to see businesses run less along the lines of traditional operating hours and more in terms of times that their customers are most likely to need them. For the most part, motorsport enthusiasts, keen amateurs and competitive professionals tend to race and work on their vehicles over weekends and at night. This means these are the times when they are likely to discover that they need parts such as BC racing coilovers, Safety Devices roll cages or K-Sport brake kits. Luckily,  that’s when we are available to discuss what you need and make sure you get it as soon as possible. You will be able to contact us at the times which suit you best.

As our many valued clients will tell you, we do what we do out of our genuine passion for motorsport. While a number of our customers know exactly what they need to get the performance they want from their vehicle, there are many who are not sure what will work best for them. In these cases, we’re always happy to share our knowledge and insights about which parts will get your performance up to optimal levels.

We are confident that our extended, seven days a week hours provide the perfect opportunity to contact us when you need us the most. Our team of passionate experts are available to give you all the support and assistance you need, and will also ensure that your orders are processed as fast as possible.