When you have a high performance vehicle, you need components and parts that are up to the task, and this includes the coilovers. These parts play an extremely important role, as they basically define the way the car connects with the road, having an effect on the way you can handle the car and the way the tyres grip the road. This makes a huge impact in terms of driving ease, comfort, speed and performance.

Replacing the coilovers with higher quality parts is one of the most effective steps you can take to make sure your vehicle continues to provide you with the highest level of performance. However, it’s important to choose the right kind of coilovers.

Your car will have different coilover requirements depending on what you use it for. A car which is used for day to day journeys will have different needs than a car which is used for motorsport racing. Some vehicles are used for both purposes, in which case it’s a great idea to choose coilovers where the damping and suspension can be adjusted according to your requirements. It can be difficult to find coilovers that offer excellent performance combined with value for money, but when you are shopping for components with us you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We stock a range of coilovers from top brand names, all available at very affordable prices.

BC Coilovers are one of the best options for any enthusiast in search of coilovers which will offer superb performance and give them greater control over their suspension. BC racing coilovers are constructed from extremely high quality materials and feature adjustable upper mounts, offering the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. You will be able to adjust your vehicle to match your preferences, road conditions, and the purpose you will be using your car for.