Using the same vehicle on the roads and track days will increase wear and tear on many of the mechanical parts, particularly the brakes. Braking systems on road vehicles are not designed to cope with the high demands placed on them by track use. The additional speed and heavier braking can result in overheating and reduced performance, ultimately leading to more damage and higher costs due to more frequent replacements.

The most effective way to maximise safety and performance on both the roads and track is to upgrade the brakes. There are many great products on the market that can provide the perfect balance of performance and reliability in all settings. The best brake kits will be durable so they can cope with the strain placed on them on tracks and still meet your everyday needs without needing to be replaced frequently.

One of the best names in brakes is K-Sport. Their brake kits are very highly regarded by all kinds of users, including people who enjoy occasional track days and racers. The products compare favourably with some of the biggest names in the industry in terms of their quality and the performance they offer. Their reliability and durability are both impressive and they will provide effective braking at all speeds.

K-Sport’s brakes have a unique feature that makes them particularly well suited to the British weather. They have a twin piston seal that will help to prevent dirt, water and salt from the roads from getting into the system, thereby preventing sticking and continuing to deliver excellent performance.

K-Sport brake kits are suitable for a wide array of different makes and models of car. They are designed to be easy to fit and require minimal tooling to do so, providing even more benefits for buyers. We offer a wide range of these kits and source them directly from the major supplier, ensuring we can offer high quality products combined with great value for money.