When heated windscreen technology was first introduced, it was mainly seen as a safety feature. Winter driving is made much easier with a heated windscreen, as it reduces the chances of obstructed views. The technology found its way into the motorsports arena as a result of manufacturers trying to make their vehicles lighter. Reducing the weight of a racing car increases its potential on the circuit, and as a result many components were removed from motorsports vehicles, the heater being one.

Heated glass is a safe and convenient installation in any car. It is easily operated by a simple switch and requires no moving parts. It is perfect for motorsports vehicles, particularly rally cars, as they need to be able to perform in any weather conditions. Heavy rain can naturally obscure the driver’s view, which can affect performance and present a risk to every racer on the track.

The major benefit of the technology for motorsports, however, is the fact that you can remove the considerable weight of the heating and ventilation system. Once this has been taken out there is an immediate improvement in the power to weight ratio and the car’s performance.

Lighter cars accelerate, take corners and stop more quickly than heavier vehicles. The removal of a heavy heating system and installation of heated windscreen technology will simultaneously enable better performance on the circuit and keep windows demisted and clear for efficient driving and safe competition.

Our windscreens are designed and produced for use in motorsports, but they are also fully road legal and favoured by many from owners of fast road cars to large budget rally teams. The majority of windscreens we carry are 12 volt dual circuit systems which draw a low current of 15-20 amps. All of our products come with a 6 month warranty on the heating element which is valid from the day of purchase.

We supply products from leading manufacturers only, striving to uphold our reputation of excellence and sourcing our products directly from the manufacturers. Our wide selection of products contains every solution from heated windscreens and Mongoose exhausts to brake kits and Gaz Coilovers. Contact us for help and information regarding our extensive range of affordable vehicle components.