There is a debate about whether coilovers or spring suspensions are better, but the fact is that both systems offer different benefits and therefore outperform each other in specific situations. Springs have a simpler design and have higher load bearing capabilities because they are suspended from the axle. This means they are useful for holding heavy chassis and if the vehicle needs to be lifted regularly. They also take up less space in the wheel area.

Coilovers are generally regarded as a better option than springs because they provide improved handling. This is particularly good for vehicles that will be used on tracks and can result in increased performance. Another major benefit is that coilovers can be adjusted when necessary to alter the ride height and damping to suit different settings. This means that you can maximise performance every time, whether you are on the roads or the track.

Coilovers are aftermarket parts and need to be fitted with care in order to deliver the best performance and maximise safety. A faulty installation can lead to a stiff, uncomfortable ride and early failure. Fortunately there are a number of well regarded products on the market that are designed to be easy to fit and configure. This means you can fit and adjust them yourself.

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