Roll cages are designed to protect the inhabitants of a vehicle in extreme circumstances, reinforcing the passenger compartment to give it additional strength. This is particularly important in racing because the high speeds can result in extremely serious collisions and even lead to vehicles flipping or rolling over.

The development of the roll cage began in the 1960s, and by 1971 the FIA had decreed that they would be mandatory in motorsport. They can now be found in all kinds of racing formulas, including on tracks, roads and off-road vehicles. They are also fitted in road-legal vehicles to cater for additional safety requirements and to protect people who drive their regular cars on track days.

Safety Devices is one of the leading names in roll cages. They have a long history in the field and have been responsible for some of the most cutting edge developments, including designing cages for Land Rover and the British Army. Their reputation for outstanding products has helped make them a market leader.

Roll cages come in a range of shapes and sizes so that they can be fitted in most types of vehicles. Traditionally they fitted to the outside of the passenger compartment, but new developments allowed them to be bolted or welded inside. This helped to protect the aesthetics of the vehicle while also delivering the necessary structural support and safety improvements.

If you want to add a roll cage to a vehicle to improve safety, performance and resistance to wear and tear, you can find a range of options from Safety Devices. They provide bolt and weld in cages for the whole passenger compartment as well as rear only cages. Each product is made in the UK and undergoes strict quality controls. This maintains the standards of both quality and safety.

At Corby Motorsport we are very proud to stock market leading Safety Devices roll cages. We can cater for the needs of all kinds of clients, including road users, track enthusiasts and racing teams too. If you have any questions we will happily offer advice and share our own knowledge of racing in various formulas.