Your OE brake system is designed to slow your car from “normal” road speeds to negotiate driveways, roundabouts and corners in your daily commute. It may also perform well enough on an emergency stop every other blue moon. If however, you use your road car on the track or indeed like us, you have built a dedicated track day car, your OE brake system will overheat its discs, pads and fluid within a few short laps leading at best, to a visit paddock to (hopefully) cool everything down again for your next session of very few laps or at worst, a visit to the scenery leading to a trip to the body shop.

Fitting a set of uprated discs and pads is going to help but for the ultimate in braking we advocate a big brake kit which is designed to dissipate heat away from pads and discs for full braking power stop after stop, lap after lap for the whole of your race or track day. The trick is to buy the correct pads and discs for your application. For example, in a sprint and hill-climb car where heat is not an issue, we would normally supply a kit that minimises unsprung weight with a solid drilled disc set up and appropriate pads for high bite. For a circuit car where heat is an issue, we would supply a kit with vented and grooved discs with appropriate pads to ensure good bite throughout the full duration of the race or track day.

We also supply brake bias pedal boxes which enable you to alter the braking power front and rear using a remote adjuster. This allows us to induce a little rear steer under braking, essential for loose surface rally cars and another aid to dialling in the handling characteristics you want in your tarmac race or rally car – dial out understeer or oversteer for quicker lap times.

  • KSport Brake Kits - a range of big brake kits complemented by a range of brake pads suitable for fast road cars through to full blown Tme Attack cars. Offered in a number of sizes from 286mm to 400mm for 15” to 20” wheels.
  • HiSpec Brake Kits - whilst a full range of big brake kits for popular track day and race cars is offered, FREE custom builds to suit your exact needs are HiSpec’s ace card. Benefit from years of experience and the comprehensive selection of road and race callipers, bells, discs types and pad materials available as the HiSpec brake engineers build the kit that works correctly for your use.
  • Optimum Balance Brake Bias Pedal Boxes - a range of top quality pedal boxes that allow you to alter front and rear bias to dial in the brake system to compliment your suspension set up for the exact handling you want on and off the brakes for the fastest possible lap times.
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