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Any Gripper Differential can be made chain drive, the popular models being Ford IB5 and 7”. The process is simple enough! As a normal application, the Gripper diff sits in oil and has holes in the body to allow the oil into the diff. In the chain drive option, these holes are plugged by TiG welding and a grease nipple is tapped into the diff and the diff is re-finished.

When you receive your Gripper Chain Drive Diff you simply pump it full of black LSD grease (the internal workings of the Gripper Diff are perfectly happy running oilless as long as they are greased).

Please add £60.00 to the standard Gripper diff price and roughly 1 week to build the chain-drive version. Call to order on 01536 744256 (10am to 10pm 7 Days) .

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