A roll cage can potentially save your life in the event of an off whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a track-day enthusiast. From a simple bolted in rear cage, through the many options of bolt in roll cages to a full welded in roll cage, all will strengthen your car and help protect you should the worst happen.

The other benefit of fitting a roll cage is that you end up with a stiffer chassis that helps to reduce chassis-flex during hard cornering and maintain the correct suspension geometry to maximise tyre contact with the road increasing grip and traction. Fitting chassis braces and strut braces also reduces flex in the chassis and should be considered a must for any car driven regularly on track.

  • Safety Devices Roll Cages – probably the largest range of bolt-in and welds-in roll cages offered by a single manufacturer. Many options are offered including single or cross door bars, single or cross diagonals, harness bars.
  • Cusco Roll Cages – the most popular option for Japanese car owners. A huge number of models are offered in Safety 21, D1 and FIA guises. Through dash and “dash dodger” options are offered for most models.
  • Ultra Racing Strut Braces – a broad range of chassis braces and strut braces to stiffen your cars chassis to maintain suspension geometry and add strength to the bodyshell.
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