For the fastest lap times we need to be able to increase the total tyre grip on the road for acceleration, braking and cornering. This is done by adding as must adjustability into our suspension as possible so we increase and maintain as much tyre contact with the road as possible. In order to achieve this we must set our suspension geometry so that the tyre is as flat to the road as possible. Adjustable arms from the likes of Hardrace, Whiteline and Eibach will allow us to do this.

Fitting a set of height and damping adjustable coilovers will also help to increase the total tyre grip by lowering the ride height and minimising body roll. They also have the advantage of allowing us to alter ride height and damper stiffness at the front relative to the rear. This allows you to reduce understeer and oversteer for a more neutrally handling car at the limit of grip for faster lap times.

  • Gaz Coilovers - a range of motorsport derived road/trackday (GHA) and motorsport (Gaz Gold) coilover kits which utilise OE top mounts (many championships do not allow aftermarket topmounts). We also offer Gaz camber adjustable top mounts should you require these. Also offered is a full range of uprated adjustable dampers and inserts for classic and modern cars.
  • BC Coilovers - a range of fast road/trackday (V1 / BR Series) and motorsport (ER Series) coilover kits many come fitted with camber adjustable front top mounts. Height is adjusted using bottom spring mount to retain damper travel. An Inverted monotube (RM Series) range is also available.
  • Bilstein Suspension - a range of uprated dampers (B6), shortened uprated dampers (B8), spring and damper kits (B12 Sportline and Proline and coilover kits in fixed damping (B14) and adjustable (B16) and race (Clubsport).
  • KW Suspension - a range uprated fixed or adjustable anti-roll bars and of course, the legendary “Innox Line” stainless steel coilover kits. Fixed damping (Variant 1), 1-way damping (Variant 2) and 3-way damping (Variant 3) are available whilst the motorsport kits (Clubsport) include camber adjustable top mounts.
  • Nitron Coilovers - a small but highly regarded high performance coilover range for popular track day and race cars. Perhaps the largest range of Lotus, TVR and VX220 suspension Nitron offer many different suspension kits for these cars to suit all budgets and requirements.
  • Hardrace - a range of adjustable suspension arms to allow geometry to be set to increase grip and traction and to dial out understeer or oversteer whilst raising total tyre grip. The range includes top arms, bottom arms and offer camber and toe adjustability.
  • Eibach - a range of lowered and uprated springs for OE fitment, coilover kits for road and race and adjustable suspension arms including top arms, bottom arms that offer camber and toe adjustability.
  • Whiteline - a range of uprated fixed or adjustable antiroll bars and adjustable suspension arms including top arms, bottom arms that offer camber and toe adjustability.
  • Powerflex - a range of suspension bushes for road (Purple) and race (Black) that maintain suspension correct geometry during hard cornering for greater grip and traction.
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