We often describe fitting a limited slip differential as the best aid to traction money can buy. Let us consider why. Imagine what you car is doing at the limit of grip and what factors are in play when trying to accelerate round a bend.

In a low to mid-power rear wheel drive car, accelerating over the limit of grip and traction may result in understeer. Taking you foot off the throttle (with maybe a quick stab on the brakes to push weight back to the front to find some cornering grip) reduces the understeer and you can get back on the throttle once grip has returned to the front tyres. A powerful rear wheel drive car, at best, may simply spin up the inside rear wheel with little extra acceleration felt or at worst we are sideways off the track.

In a front wheel drive accelerating around a bend, wheelspin (inside wheel) understeer will result when the limit of grip is exceeded. Taking your foot off the throttle can result in one of two things depending upon how the chassis is set up, at best, grip returns and you are on your way down the track or at worst, “lift-off-oversteer” unsticks the rear tyres and your on your way backwards into the Armco.

A limited slip diff senses wheel spin and applies a force to clutch plates which lock (to varying degrees dependant upon the amount of spin detected) the driveshafts together. Therefore, we have two tyres turning at similar or the same speed which, in a rear wheel drive car, settles the rear end for more grip and traction to accelerate round a bend more quickly (or an easy to manage two wheel drift in a powerful rear driver). In a front wheel drive car, both front wheels are delivering drive (as opposed to one driving with grip and one spinning madly) for double the traction, significantly reduced underster and a tendency for both front wheels to “dig in” and grip the tarmac whilst you accelerate up the track like a mad thing!

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